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47. Introduce a bold colour in a big bedroom on one wall for real impact. A high-quality finish starts with the basics. Using a framing timber such as Laser frame that has been put through a rigorous testing procedure and a proven drying process means walls are more stable, allowing a finish you can be proud of.

48. If you’re thinking of adding on another bedroom, visit the Home Ideas Centres (Auckland 09-303 4755, Wellington 04-568 9607, Christchurch 03-348 2863) and make use of the free Carters Consulting Service (0800 284 534).

49. Liven up beds with cheap but effective cushions and throws.

50. Chairs look good in a bedroom. If space is tight, choose a high-backed dining chair; soften it with a loose cover.


51. To beat mould, good heating and ventilation are essential. Ensure extractor fans are ducted outdoors, not into the roof space.

52. Bathrooms are not the sterile rooms they once used to be. Create character by adding the unexpected, such as and antique chair tucked into a corner on which to lay your clothes.

53. Replace your tired vanity unit with a new one for an instant upgrade. Carters have a great range.

54. Make sure you step out of the shower into a warm fluffy towel by installing heated towel rails.

55. Brighten a shady bathroom with glass cabinet doors and mirrored recesses. Installing a heating unit behind mirrored panels will help keep them clear.

56. Lay black and white checkerboard tiles or lino. Used wisely, black and white inject instant style, says interior designer Melanie Stewart of The Interior Design Company (IDC).

57. Hang a mirror, rather than opting for the more common sheep mirror stuck to the wall, to give your bathroom personality.

58. Replacing taps with modern ones is an inexpensive way to update your bathroom’s look.

59. Add glamour to bath time by tiling the tub surrounds.

60. Place candles and hang art around the room. Bathrooms are a retreat to unwind in, so don’t forget to “decorate” this space, too.

61. If you’re adding on a new bathroom, treated plywood floors make a durable base for tiles or vinyl.

62. Replace ugly old glass windows with new panes of clear, etched, or opaque glass.

63. Update your accessories. Invest in a new shower curtain, a fresh bath mat, and a modern window treatment for an instant makeover.

Exterior and landscaping

64. Set off your house with a stylish wooden fence. You can choose palings, pickets, or a more elaborate style with caps, trims and a trellis. Carters have a great selection.

65. Make the most of a sloping backyard. Split-level decks can be an advantage when it comes to creating outdoor living areas.

66. Divide your garden into a series of outdoor “rooms” linked by pathways to emphasise its strengths.

67. Create easy access from indoors to the outdoors by adding French doors or bifolds.

68. Build a garden around a central idea, colour theme, or style.

69. Always draw up a plan before you start working on your outdoor space, says Auckland landscape designer/gardener Xanthe White. “Mistakes on paper are cheaper than those in the garden.” In the long run, using consultants often saves money.

70. Consider combining plywood cladding with a schist stone base says architect Carolyn Smith. “It gives a sense of permanence to the house without blowing the client’s budget.”

71. Avoid eyesores by creating a focal point that leads the eye away from the unsightly view.

72. Build a covered outdoor area, such as a pergola, to provide all-weather space.

73. If you’re adding on to a villa or bungalow, ensure a seamless integration of the old and new by using the classic qualities of weatherboard cladding. Try Pinex Weatherboards for a style to match the era of your home.

74. As another option for contemporary cladding, Auckland architect Carolyn Smith likes using plywood, either plain ply with battens or vertical grooved ply. “Shadowclad is s great cladding material which gives good coverage and bracing. I like using the grooved Sharowclad, which gives the effect of vertical timber boards without the same expense.”

75. Using a mixture of claddings helps to break up the façade of a bulky or plain building, says architect Carolyn Smith. “A mixture of timber weatherboard and Zincalume cladding can look very chic, particularly in a bush setting with the lovely contrast of surrounding green.”

76. If you prefer a flat lawn, level off a slope with a retaining wall. Try using Timbacrib, an engineered system of interlocking treated timbers filled with free-draining rock or gravel which can be face planted. And the beauty is you don’t need power tools or special skills so it is so easy to use.

77. A timber deck is a great way to add to your living space by linking your home to the garden. It can transform an ordinary backyard into a formal entertainment area and create a focal point for your landscape design. For a free copy of the Pinex “How to Build a Timber Deck” brochure, phone 0800 746 399.

78. Go for contrast to create different textures in the garden. For instance, contrast a plant with round leaves against one with sword-like leaves, or bronze tones with silver.

79. Keep the outdoor entertaining area close to the house.

80. Create a centerpiece on an outdoor table with a bowl of mondo grass.

81. Paint old terracotta pots and garden furniture. It’s a cost-effective way to brighten your garden.

82. Don’t keep all your art indoors. A piece of sculpture adds interest to any garden.

83. Newly mulched gardens look great, for little cost.

84. Add an outdoor fireplace or brazier to your backyard to add some romance to your summer evenings.

85. Install a water feature for that calming effect.

86. Revamp a tired fence (as long as it’s structurally sound) by dressing it with corrugated iron for a kiwiana touch, bamboo for an oriental feel or brush stick for a natural look.

87. Add character to your garden with tile mosaics – but be careful, it’s addictive!

88. Attract birds and add interest by installing a birdbath.

89. Vary the outdoor lighting. Use a mix of down lights, wall lights, in-ground up lights, step lights, fairy lights, garden spotlights, and security lighting.

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