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100 Ways To Add Value To Your Home Page 3

90. Make sure there are places to sit in the garden, Enjoy it!

91. First impressions count. Paint the steps and put healthy plants in pots on either side of the front door.

92. Wash the house, roof and paths too if necessary. Slime, moss, and mould are not appealing.

93. Clean the windows wash the curtains and have any cracked window panes replaced.

94. Simplify all surfaces. Cluttered rooms look smaller.

95. Consider removing chunky furniture for the few weeks your home is on the market. Sleek, simple lines are best.

96. Get rid of mould and cobweb son ceilings and around windows, particularly in the bathroom.

97. Have clean, dry towels in the bathroom and don’t let anyone have a shower just before an open home.

98. Make sure the house smells good. Open windows and use mildly scented candles.

99. Keep the kitchen benches clear of dirty dishes and food. A vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit creates a simple but attractive picture.

100. Send the animals to your mother for a holiday. If you can’t do that, DON’T Leave pet food in their bowls. creates a simple but attractive picture.