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100 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

General tips

1. Install a smart new letterbox – it gives a great first impression.

2. Create interest at the entrance with a mirror, hall table or rug.

3. Maximise the space that you have, says Auckland architect Carolyn Smith. If possible, open up the kitchen/dining/living area to let in light and improve flow. “The house will feel so much larger and more airy and relaxed. This is not only going to add value be making life easier and more enjoyable, but also in terms of re-sale value.”

4. Add a second living room, but get the basics right. Start with a quality-framing product such as Laser frame structural timber, which will bring a high-quality finish to your wall. Laser frame is available in a range of stud heights, which can be used to enhance the look and feel of your home.

5. In more traditional homes, such as villas and bungalows, tongue-and-groove up to dado height gives and authentic feel. Try Pinex TG & V, finished at the top with a dado capping.

6. Pay attention to lighting. A series of ceiling or wall-mounted lights, supplemented by side or table lamps, creates more inviting lighting than and incandescent central ceiling light.

7. Install smoke alarms and a security system in your home. It’s worth noting that from April 2004, smoke alarms will become compulsory in any work involving a building consent.

8. Remember that the hallway is a-room, too. Make the must of this link to the rooms in your home by hanging an array of paintings and painting it in warm light tones.

9. Ceiling insulation can reduce heat loss by up to 75 per cent. Even installing insulation over just the living areas will reduce heating bills.

10. Good design depends on close attention to detail and quality finishing. Mouldings (architraves, skirting, etc) play a huge role in determining the mood of a space. Pinex Mouldings are available in many styles, from past eras right through to the minimalist lines of modern design.

11. Add colour and texture to a bare wall by hanging a piece of gorgeous fabric from a curtain fod.

12. Fresh flowers are a must. It’s an inexpensive way to add zing to any room, both with colour and scent.


13. Change your cupboard handles. This simple trick instantly rejuvenates a kitchen, says interior designer Melanie Stewart of the Interior Design Company (IDC). “It’s like using accessories such as a new belt and shoes to enliven and old outfit.”

14. Display matching accessories such as salt and peppershakers, flowing soap and tea towels.

15. Frame children’s art. The kitchen is one place in the home where you can get away with displaying junior art in primary colours.

16. Make slipcovers to go over your dining-room chairs. Loose cotton covers brighten up chairs and can be easily washed.

17. Add some rustic character by faking a well-worn texture. Distress a pine dresser by painting and then gently sanding the dry surface.

18. Change the fronts on your kitchen cupboards. Try Best wood Melamine for a range of interesting colours.

19. Match glasses, utensils, and ceramics to create a consistent sense of style.

20. Give the kitchen a fresh lick of paint. Colour will give any room a shot of instant personality – and the kitchen doesn’t take long to paint because of all the cupboards.

21. Make a statement by hanging a sculptural pendant light low over your dining table, or in a row of three over a bar area.

22. Two sinks are better than one, especially if you have a family home, if there is space. Fit an extra sink.

23. Add a skylight to your kitchen to guarantee plenty of natural light in which to work.

24. Create a reminder board: cover a sheet of Custom wood MDF with blackboard paint and frame it with mouldings painted in a bright colour.

25. Add a sheet of toughened, coloured glass behind your oven or bench as a splash back. Looks great and makes cleaning easy.

Living rooms

26. Be inventive. Reupholster chairs, trim curtains, and decorate cushions with embroidery or appliqué.

27. Unify number of patterns to give the room a theme For example, fabrics printed with circle motifs work well with round tables, circular detailing on a chair and a round mirror.

28. Let in the light. If your room lacks natural light, decorate using warm-toned whites, neutrals and yellows to compensate.

29. Introduce luxurious accessories to your living space, such as velvet cushions, mood lighting, rich colour and candles.

30. Make the most of a room with floor-to-ceiling windows by grouping the furniture to take in the view.

31. Experiment with texture. The secret is to use similarly toned colours and get variety from the texture. Try a chunky woolen throw and taffeta cushions on your sofa, for example.

32. If you have a large open-plan living area, create boundaries with furniture and colour.

33. Turn an alcove into stylish storage space with chunk wall shelves. Custom wood MDF is easy to cut, shape and paint to suit your space.

34. If you have a great fireplace, make it the focal point by arranging the furniture around it.

35. Add flair to the interior by introducing unusual materials. For a cost-effective sarked ceiling, for example, use grooved plywood panels such as Ecoply. This material looks great when stained or painted.

36. Extend curtains to the floor rather than the bottom of the window to give the illusion of grandeur – and improve insulation.

37. Don’t slavishly follow one design era; mixing furnishing styles can bring a living room to life.

38. A low MDF shelf unit, painted the same colour as the walls, gives unobtrusive extra storage space.

39. Sleek floor-to-ceiling wardrobes guarantee lots of storage space.

40. Keep bedside tables clutter-free by mounting lights on the wall above your bed.

41. Fit double shelves above your bed head for clever storage.

42. Hang mobiles from the ceiling in children’s rooms. The room will appear flat,no matter how colourful it is, if the eye is not raised above the small, child-sized furniture. Mobiles draw the eye upwards.

43. Another trick to give the illusion of height in a child’s bedroom is to paint the walls in two colours. Create kid-proof walls by using hardy tongue and groove on the bottom half. Try Ecoply Grooved Lining for instant effect.

44. Stop a small bedroom looking cramped by opting for a pale colour scheme and streamlined furniture.

45. Drape fabric from the ceiling to create a dreamy look. Try organza voile for shine or muslin for a soft draping effect. Attach the fabric to the ceiling or wall on a canopy rack.

46. Three bedrooms are better than two. If you’re building on, make sure the new flooring is virtually squeak-less by using products such as Kopine Ultra lock particle board flooring.

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