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WARNING: Do not use an interior designer until you know the… “19 Questions You Must Ask An Interior Designer Before You Use Them To Help Sell Your Home Quickly At Top Dollar By Staging Your Home!”

The decision to use an interior designer to either:

• Enable you to sell your house quickly and at top dollar, or to

• Help you with the overwhelming choice of fabrics / furniture / styles and turn your house into your home (that makes a statement to your friends and family)

is a big one.

Decided To Sell?
Once you’ve decided to sell, you are confronted with a whole list of choices. The first is whether to attempt to sell it without any ‘home staging’ or engage the services of an interior designer with home staging expertise to help get the highest price possible.

Or Is Your Current Décor Out Of Date?
And same applies once you’ve decided your are sick and tired of the current interior – your décor – those drapes, last season’s wallpaper pattern, furniture that looks like it was from _____________ , or if you really look long and hard at the way you have arranged everything you look and feel of your home from the outside (street appeal) and the

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the time or expertise to handle it yourself – so you’ll want to employ an interior designer. After all, nearly 90% of the interior of fabulous looking homes have had input by an interior designer are designed by ahomes are sold by real estate interior designers! If you are considering hiring a real estate interior designer, this report will help you with your next big decision:

Which real estate interior designer should you hire?
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all real estate interior designers are the same. Many sellers have painfully discovered that there is a vast difference among interior designers. Picking the right interior designer can mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a nightmare that can foul up all your plans and cost you thousands of dollars.

You may have a couple of interior designers in mind, possibly ones that work your area, or that were referred to you. If not, ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations. DO NOT make the mistake of listing with the first interior designer who comes along without finding out some critical information first!

Here are the questions you should ask each interior designer:

Question 1
“How long have you been an interior designer?”
This will give you an idea of how much experience the interior designer has. You may not want to list your home with a salesperson who just got their salespersons’ certificate last month. There is a tremendous amount of turnover in the real estate sales business, especially in the first two years.
Some new interior designers are sharp, but in general, an interior designer with several years experience under their belt may be best able to serve you.

Question 2
“Do You Have A List Of Homes You Have Provided Your Services For In The Past Six Months, Past Year, Your Career?”

Look for an interior designer who is active in your area and has got great feedback from their clients. Especially look to see that they are hired for their expertise in a variety of styles and approaches, not merely their own personal vision. Therefore, the interior designer has to be able to balance their own tastes and their clients’ tastes - and be willing to put THEIR tastes first. This requirement could be potentially frustrating for you if I wasn't already trained to be aware of this when I was studying to be an architect... - this is potentially a deadly mistake an unprofessional interior designer makes.. Also look for an interior designer that sells at least a few homes each month. An interior designer that is actively selling will be sharper and more practiced, more familiar with the Market, and better prepared to represent and advise you.

Question 3
“What is your average sales price?”
You want an interior designer that routinely sells homes like yours. The average interior designer usually tend to work in
certain areas (suburbs) or price ranges. For example, if your home was worth $110,000 you wouldn’t want to list with an interior designer who primarily sells homes in the $500,000 range (or vice versa). That interior designer’s clientele typically would not be interested in your home. However, saying that, there are some interior designers who specialise in a wide range of different price ranges of houses.
Ask the question and see how they answer.

Question 4
“What is the average time to sell a home in this area?”
This is also commonly referred to as “days on Market.” A good interior designer should know this
information without even having to think about it. This information can serve as a guide in setting
a rough schedule for your move.

Question 5
“What is the average time for your listings to sell?”
An interior designer with a solid Marketing plan should sell their listings faster than the Market average. This will also indicate how knowledgeable the interior designer is about pricing, because homes that aren’t priced properly will take much longer to sell (if they sell at all).

Question 6
“What percentage of the homes listed for sale actually sell in this area?”
Again this question is one that a sharp interior designer will readily know. The answer will also tell you a lot about the Market conditions in your area. For example, if only 30% of the homes put on the Market successfully sell, you’ll know that you’re in a very competitive Market.

Question 7
“What percentage of your listings actually sell?”
A good interior designer should be considerably better than average on this. While no interior designer ever sells 100% of the listings that they take, this can be an indication of how knowledgeable they are on pricing, their ability to adapt to changes in the Market, and how well they communicate with their clients.

Question 8
“What is your list price to sales price ratio?”
This is expressed as a percentage. For example, if the interior designer’s ratio is 94%, this would mean that on average, a home listed by the interior designer for $100,000 would sell for $94,000. Compare this ratio to the average for your area.

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Where To From Here?
Hopefully, this report has given you some insight into a small part of decorating your home. It may also have prompted a whole new set of questions.

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“But why would you just give away all of this valuable information?”

I know that you may be asking that question in your mind. I know it’s not what most Interior Designers do, and it may seem a little odd. It’s just that I have learned that good things happen when you concentrate on really helping people.

Yes, I make my living consulting to clients as their interior designer, and yes, it would be my pleasure to work for you to transform your house into a home you love to bring friends, business associates, and guests’ home to.


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