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More To It Than Just Having A Good Eye For Colours...
Interior designers have to be good with more than colour, fabric, and furniture; interior designers must know materials, have budgeting skills, communicate well, and oversee the ordering, installation, and maintenance of all objects that define a space.

They also have to know about electrical capacity, safety, and construction. This broader range of required knowledge distinguishes them from interior decorators.

Interior designers have to be able to work with contractors and clients alike, planning and implementing all aesthetic and functional decisions, from tap handles to km's of carpeting —and all this usually must be done within a fixed budget.

I Also Have To Be Practical...
Interior designers are often asked to begin their planning before construction of a space is finished; this means that they must be good at scheduling and comfortable reading building plans. This element of the job comes as a surprise to many new interior designers, who expect to have less of an administrative and technical role and more of a role in influencing the overall feel and appearance of a space.

Over the last 7 years I have designed and personally built (with my husband an electrician / builder by trade) our 500+m2 dream house here in Meadowbank, Auckland. This has given me 3 very valuable skills - the ability accurately visualise different spaces before actual construction, and then be able to draw a set of working plans, but then work with tradespeople to turn the vision in to reality...

Need Balance Between Practical And Aesthetics...
Those who thrive in the industry say this ability to balance the practical with the aesthetic is crucial to being a successful interior designer.

Interior design is hard work, but is extremely satisfying for both the client and me Kristina the Interior Designer...


Hopefully, this report has given you some insight into the process of transforming your house into a home. It may also have prompted a whole new set of questions.
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By now, you’ve probably figured out that I am not like most interior designers.

I concentrate on providing quality information to those who need it.
“But why would you just give away all of this valuable information?”
I know that you may be asking that question in your mind. I know it’s not what most interior designers do, and it may seem a little odd. It’s just that I have learned that good things happen when you concentrate on really helping people.

Yes, I make my living consulting to clients on how to transform their house into a home and how to give it a professional makeover that will last the tests of time and fads and trends, and yes, I would love to handle the
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A half-hour is all it takes to get the information you need to make smart decisions for your future. We’ll discuss what you want to accomplish, and look at the different options that you have.

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