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20 Storage Tricks

1. Green bag, $9, from style Direct (09- 376 6577); bikini, stylist’s own.

2. Set of storage boxes, small $25, medium $35, large $49, from style Direct (as before).

3. Shoe rack, $59, fuchsia garment rack, $59, pink slippers, $45, from style Direct (as before); Caravan cushion (top), $29.95, Puccini cushion, $36.95, from Freedom Furniture (0800 373 3366 for stores).

4. Cubox, $77 each, form Lundia (0800 860 460 for stockists).

5. Magazine rack, $32, from Theme Basics (09-522-2518).

6. CD snake, $86.95, from Nest (09-522 5448).

7. Under-bed wheeler storage box, $79.99, from Plastic Box (0800 752 7842); queen-size Chrissy quilt cover set, $99, from Freedom Furniture (as before).

8. Hanging pot rack ,$65, from Theme Basics (09- 522 2518); pots and pans, stylist’s own.

9. Storage unit, fitted with five shelves and two wine racks, $220, from Lundia (0800 860 460 for stockists).

10. Curved brushed stainless-steel herb rack, $110, from Plastic Box (0800 752 7842).

11. Four-tier vegetable trolley, $19.99, from The Warehouse (09-489-7000 for stores).

12. Fido 500ml blue-top jar, $4.99, 1-litre jar, $7.50, 1.5litre jar, $8.99, all from Spotlight (09-262 5090 for stores).

13. Uni box, $19.99, from Plastic Box (as before); blue kendo basket, $3.99, from The Warehouse (as before); Anna tea towel, $2.95, from Freedom Furniture (0800 373 3366 for stores).

14. Planter, $17.95, massage brushes, from $11.95, from Nest (09-522 5448); Maclean face washer, $5.95 each, from Freedom Furniture (0800 373 3366); tumbler, $14.95, from Spotlight (09- 262 5090 for stores).

15. Shower caddy, $19, from Theme Basics (09-522 2518); shower gel, $19.95 each, from Spotlight (as before).

Please note pricing may change from above, please check with Store before purchasing.

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