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451 (cost effective) Ways To Improve The Look & Feel Of Your Auckland House

This Special Report is suitable for Auckland homeowners who are either selling their home, or simply want some fresh ideas on how to improve the look and feel of their home from an outsiders point of view...

Inside This Special Report…

Most home sellers in New Zealand are emotionally attached to their home (and why not!) - but this makes it a bit harder to be objective when it comes to finally display your home to prospective buyers... Or, maybe you just want to view your home from a prospective visitor's point of view?

In this information packed 30+ page report we 'walk through' a typical house - first to initially 'see' an ill-prepared house through the eyes of a stranger, and the impact that has on both you (the seller) and more importantly - how it turns the potential buyer / visitor / friend off big-time!

Then we go through each area room by room giving you idea after idea on what to look out for and what to do to improve the look and feel of each room - WITHOUT spending a fortune (or very little at all). In fact the best staging advice we give you typically is free for you to carry out - it just requires you to put on your 'buyer glasses' and get to work!

Following is the contents of this report:


  • The Story
  • The Worst Case Scenario
  • Setting The Stage
  • Getting To Work
  • The Exterior
  • The Garage
  • All Through The House
  • The Entryway
  • The Living Room / Family Room
  • The Dining Room
  • The Kitchen
  • The Bathroom(s)
  • The Basement / Laundry
  • “Don’t Panic… Buyers Are Coming”
    • Request this special report NOW by filling in your details below to enable you to improve the look and feel of your New Zealand residential home and either sell it quickly and easily, or simply make it more of a JOY for you to live in (and your friends come back to visit!

      Where To From Here?
      Hopefully, this report has given you some insight into a small part of decorating your home. It may also have prompted a whole new set of questions.

      To get all of the answers you need, simply give me, Kristina Cope, a call on (09) 578-0704 or (021)-641-530 to schedule your free, no-hassle, straight talk consultation. I will arrange a time convenient for you, and it shouldn’t take long at all.

      In about 30 minutes, you’ll receive more time and money saving interior design, decorating information than most people learn in a lifetime!

      By now, you’ve probably figured out that I am not like most Interior Designers or Architects. (I am qualified in both fields). I concentrate on providing quality information to those who need it.

      “But why would you just give away all of this valuable information?”

      I know that you may be asking that question in your mind. I know it’s not what most Interior Designers do, and it may seem a little odd. It’s just that I have learned that good things happen when you concentrate on really helping people.

      Yes, I make my living consulting to clients as their interior designer, and yes, it would be my pleasure to work for you to transform your house into a home you love to bring friends, business associates, and guests’ home to.


      A half-hour is all it takes to get the information you need to make smart decisions for your future. We'll discuss what you want to accomplish, and look at the different options that you have.

      Well, I’ve said just about all I can say. The next step is up to you. As I said before, there is absolutely no cost or obligation attached to your free consultation.

      Pick up the phone and call me now, while you are thinking about it. I know that you may be a little skeptical, but one phone call isn’t much to risk, especially when you could save yourself lots of aggravation and thousands of dollars!

      You can reach me at (09) 578-0704 or (021)-641-530, or send me an email with some suggested times and dates you are available to get together with me.

      I look forward to hearing from you,

      Kristina Cope DipInt, BArch
      Interior Designer
      P.S. Procrastination keeps more people from ever reaching their dreams than anything else. Don’t miss out on information that can make all the difference!

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