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Professional Home Staging

What is Professional Home Staging?

"Home staging" is the term now widely used to describe the action of getting your home ready for sale by ensuring the presentation is the best it can be.

But Professional Home Staging is much more than "painting it all white and clearing the clutter!"

For many homeowners and Real Estate Agents the concept of 'professional home staging' is being increasingly recognised, and used to effectively promote and market a home in the Auckland property marketplace.

But I Thought A Real Estate Agent Could Do This?...
While Real Estate agents are experts in the field of selling houses and closing the sale, many are not design savvy. Real Estate Agents usually know exactly what factors can help sell a home but it's not always that easy to get a home into selling condition in a timely manner without some sort of experienced assistance. That’s where a professionally trained Interior Designer can really help.

We Do More Than Just Tidy Up Or Temporary Fix...
Some Interior Designers are professionally trained and practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale, or making your home more comfortable or appealing to your visitors.

I work with the "flow" of a home, eliminate clutter, edit out and re-arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing “drive-by” appeal.

With the aid of a professionally trained home staging consultant who is also an Interior Designer, any house can make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers and in doing so help it to sell more quickly and usually for more money - I guarantee it!

It Does Necessarily Mean Buying New Furniture!
One of the key differences with a good Interior Designer is they don't suggest you throw out all your 'old' furniture and purchase all new... but they look at what you have and reuse pieces throughout the house to maximise the look and appeal of each room. In some cases the hire or purchase of pieces of furniture or art may be necessary. This is recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Spend a $1 - Get Back $10!...
Statistically - for every $1 dollar I recommend you spend on your house enhancing the look of it, you would expect to an increase in the value of the house by 10%.

For example:

Slide Show Of How We Can Improve The Street Appeal Of Your Home

(So you want to come home to your place, or so it gives a great first impression to visitors / clients or prospective buyer)

Slide Show Of How We Can Improve The Interior Appeal Of Your Home

(Either for your personal enjoyment, your visitors, or prospective buyer)

NOTE: How in each of these before and after images NO new furniture or fittings have been used to completely change the look and feel of the room. We have taken furniture/fittings etc from other rooms, or put the 'excess' into storage...

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