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What Do Your Home Staging Services Cost?

Return on Staging Investment

Let's look initially at some independent statistics below.

The following is a summary of the results of HomeGain’s 2007 national survey, based on the ten areas of home improvement identified by real estate agents in HomeGain’s original survey in 2003.

They are listed from the highest to lowest returns on investment:


Let's Work Through An Example For Home Staging Your Home In Auckland For Quick Sale At Highest Price...

If you spent (using the higher costs):

  • Lighten & brighten @ $370
  • Clean and de-clutter @ $318
  • Landscape front & back gardens @ $546 and
  • Stage the home for sale @ $584
    • at a total of ~$1818 invested

      you would get a conservative increase in selling price of more than $6300 dollars!

      i.e. "for every $1 dollar spent on Kristina Cope Home Staging Services you get back $6 dollars!"

      If we were to use the higher return prices then for every $1 dollar spent you would get back $8 dollars!

Home Staging Statistics

"Your Investment in Kristina's Home Interior Design Services will always be less than your first Price Reduction (when selling your home)"

What Would You Rather Do: Sell You Home For $10,000+ Less Than What Is Possible, Or Employ A Home Staging Expert To Make You Some Real Money?

It seems obvious when laid out in black and white doesn't it?

For every $1 dollar spent on using Kristina Cope home staging services on your Auckland home you are likely to get at least a $6 dollar return on that one dollar spent!

Why wouldn't you do it?? Simply click here right now and fill out our Auckland home staging request form. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time to come around to home stage your home (remember we are not necessarily hiring any furniture for these sort of returns!) or simply pick up the phone and call me Kristina Cope directly on 021-641-530 to arrange a suitable time. Hear from you today.

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